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Apple iPhone 11 and UWB

The iPhone 11 with its UWB chip creates a lot of discussion this month. This choice is very relevant and has been brain for a long time! But few applications and solutions are ready at this moment, so it’s not a buzz yet! Who can announce now day his compatibility with the iPhone 11 UWB? […]


Ultra-wideband (UWB) solutions are based on Time of Flight (ToF) method for measuring the distance between two radio transceivers by multiplying the ToF of the signal by the speed of light. From this basic principle, UWB technology can be implemented in different ways according to the targeted applications needs: 1- Two-way ranging (TWR) or double-sided […]

ESA IIDRE UWB Indoor Geolocation

IIDRE Pitch about UWB Indoor Geolocation solution for Drones, AGV, robots and Autonomous vehicles thanks to ESA Bic Sud France network We provide now from 10 to 30 cm accuracy, data rate around 50 measures per second, a simple infrastructure to deploy to track a mobile in real time.