Thanks to it expertise of Ultra wideband (UWB), IIDRE helps you solve your accurate geolocation issues, by offering software and hardware solutions.

Smart city: IIDRE ensures accurate geolocation service continuity in case of GPS (GNSS) loss.

Sensitive sites: location for alone workers using a badge in case of alert to find them quickly.

Lean manufacturing: hardware and software solution to optimize production flow as part of data analytics.

Industry 4.0: accurate localization for autonomous robots or assets.

Drones: location and traceability in inaccessible areas where the GNSS signal does not work.

Indoor & outdoor.

Accuracy (X, Y) de from 10 to 30 cm, depending on the environment.

Range of 150 m, multi-zone possible.

Tracking fast motions, refresh rate in the order of 100 Hz.

Embedded IMU.

Additional sensors available (barometer, altimeter, environment sensors, GNSS chip, Bluetooth, LoRa, etc.).