IIDRE, expertise and experience in wireless technologies, sensor networks and Geolocation, in any type of IoT environment, “indoor or outdoor”.

IIDRE has been developing positioning applications, for the last 5 years, with a focus on industry environments. We design and develop custom hardware and software for different scenarios.

LoRa offers low power long range transmission information.

Ultra WideBand positioning systems offers less than 20 cm accuracy.

RFID is a low cost solution for tag multiplicity and simple deployment.

ZigBee offers complex meshed wireless sensors networks.

BLE and Wi-Fi offer smartphone compliancy.

Use cases


“SMART SITE” for the construction industry: Recovery of data for monitoring and operation of equipment on construction sites


Implementation of solutions for connected and autonomous vehicles


Tracking critical applications, machine fault alerts, daily readings, motion tracking and real-time geolocalisation


Optimizing freight transport in urban areas, thanks to centralized orchestration and continuous geolocalisation

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