According to the RGPD, visitors must be informed about the scope and purpose of the collection and use of personal information on this site.

In addition, security software is used to prevent unauthorized access to user accounts. In addition, security software is used to prevent unauthorized access to user accounts. When you visit the site, the Web server transmits data that is stored in log files that provide information about the operating system, browser used, access time. No personal reference can be created from this data because the IP address is not registered or anonymized.


This website uses cookies. Cookies are small textual information stored as a file in your browser. Cookies are not fundamentally bad, but allow to understand the behavior of the user and other useful things. On this site, no Flash cookie is used (in particular no “respawning” cookies).

Application cookies

The blog software used here uses cookies when you comment an article via the comment function. The cookie does not record the IP address. The lifetime of the cookie is also limited and in no case always exceeds one year. If you have a user account on this page and you activate the “remember me” function when you log in, a permanent cookie (approximately 10 days) will be defined in the device’s browser, which guarantees that the website will recognize you at the next visit. This cookie can be deleted at any time via the browser settings. Cookies are also used when you set up a user account and remain logged in as a user. You can block these cookies by preventing the browser from setting cookies.

Web Analytics Cookies

This site uses the web analysis tool “Matomo” (formerly called “Piwik”). The Matomo analysis tool works with an anonymization of IP addresses. IP addresses are shortened by the last two octets before use for usage behavior analysis. Thus, according to the prevailing opinion, a personal reference can no longer be produced. The IP address is also used only in abbreviated form (and therefore without personal reference) to perform an approximate geolocation. Here, the country of origin and the service provider (“Internet Service Provider”) are determined and stored. The Matomo tool works by placing a cookie, which is saved as a “persistent cookie” as a small text file in the browser beyond the end of the visit. The cookie is defined via the domain “” and has the following name: (the number is individual)

The cookie has a duration of nearly 6 months and not only allows users to be recognized, but also the non-personal analysis of the behavior on the site. So you can, for example, recognize which way the users came from and which “click path” they took, so which individual pages a user watched for how long.

Matomo also defines a so-called session cookies, which is automatically deleted after the expiration of each session. (the number is individual)

No personal reference can be created via these cookies. Cookies are used for the purpose of creating non-personal statistics (“pseudonymous usage profiles”).

The analysis of user behavior can be prevented when the use of cookies by this domain “” is blocked in the browser for example configure an exception in the browser (such as the browser Firefox). See the program help for how this can be configured in your browser.

If you enable the “Do-Not-Track” feature in the browser (“DNT”), a visit to the site is not automatically detected by the web analytics tool. However, this does not work with all browsers. To enable DNT in your browser, consult the browser help.

There is also the possibility to prevent the analysis of your behavior on this site:

You can do this by checking the following box. As long as this cookie is not deleted in the browser, no analysis of your behavior will be made. If the deactivation cookie is already defined, this will be indicated in the message below.

You can oppose the monitoring of your navigation on this website. This will protect your privacy, but will also prevent the owner from learning from your actions and creating a better experience for you and other users.

|_ |      You are not excluded. Uncheck this box to be excluded.

Google Ajax and jQuery libraries, Google Maps, Google Webfonts.

On this page Ajax and jQuery technologies are used. In addition, the contact page can display Google Maps. For this purpose, the corresponding program libraries or the map contents correspond with Google servers. In this context, it should be noted that through this use, external servers can be called at Google in the United States. Unfortunately, it is currently impossible to know if Google records this server request and how the data is used. It is assumed that Google’s privacy information applies in this regard. Therefore, your IP address is probably stored in all cases for a period of several months. The same is also true for Java script elements to provide browser compatibility (as with IE9).

Since these providers may collect personal data such as your IP address, we allow you to block them on our privacy policy page. Be aware that this could significantly reduce the functionality and appearance of our site. The changes will take effect once you reload the page.

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Using videos

This site uses internal and external videos on certain pages. Third-party providers such as YouTube or Vimeo are used here. By embedding a video, for technical reasons the provider’s server is called. For the use of related data your browser, refer to the data protection information of the provider: The Vimeo privacy policy:

and YouTube:

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User account (“Account”) and registration

If a user account is configured on this page, the information provided will be stored for the duration of the relationship.

If you create a user account, so-called transactional mail will also be sent to you. For example, transaction emails are e-mails asking you to check your e-mail address or a password reset link using the “Forgotten password” feature. Transactional emails are sent via the web server.

Non-individual emails (such as newsletters) are sent via Mailjet. The use of Mailjet on this website essentially ensures that emails are sent reliably and, most importantly, that they are more likely to not end up in the spam filter.

If you want to delete a user account, you can always contact us via the contact address.

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