Implementation of an accurate geolocation system based on a UWB infrastructure, to provide service continuity when RTK GPS doesn’t work, in a tunnel, an urban canyon and other scenarios.

Implementation of an accurate geolocation UWB system to control a robot indoor.

Implementation of a connected utility vehicle, with conneted tools in real time, by long-distance RFID technology.

Implementation of a UWB tag on a UAV in order to know its distance covered in indoor environment inaccessible to humans.

Other sectors


  • People counting during emergency evacuation
  • Electric vehicle’s automatic detection when arrives at its base station zone

LoRa : geolocation of connected construction equipments in order to improve rotation and profitability.

ZigBee : development of a solution of indoor geolocation implented with alerts, in a very sensitive environment with strong constraints.

European project H2020 GALENA – optimizing freight transport in urban areas, thanks to centralized orchestration and continuous geolocation. Treatment of the « last kilometers » issue.