Provision of technological know-how, analysis and data processing and recognized experience of “practical” Indoor and outdoor location (with or without GPS/GNSS coverage).

Since 2012, IIDRE has acquired Geolocation expertise, thanks to its multidisciplinary and multisectoral experience, which has allowed it to be a pioneer in the implementation and management of highly specific indoor Geolocation solutions. IIDRE is recognized on the IIoT (Industrial Internet Of Things) market by its interventions:

Putting into practice pedagogical sheets for sensor networks (ENSEIRB-Matmeca, Central Lyon, Albi Mines, HEI, …)
Explanation and feedback on sensor networks
On-site testing of geolocation systems (ZigBee, RFID, UWB, …)
Site analysis and help writing specifications for the use of connected object technologies.


IIDRE has developed its hardware and software solution in the form of a teaching kit that we offer to engineering school teachers to understand indoor geolocalisation through practical work.

This kit allows you to build your own application with .NET, Java, C/C ++, Python from an API.

It includes :

  • Emitter tags
  • Receiver tags with antenna
  • Coordinator box to receive data
  • USB Key with geolocalisation software
  • Practical work book

To use the kit, you have to install the software on a laptop computer. We assist you to programm them and to use them, either directly with you or remotely. Tags can be disposed in the room and on the traking object or person. The movement and access zones are visible on a map included in the software.

ZigBee partner : Nebusens


  • Learn how to configure and use a Wireless Sensor Network
  • Program from an open embedded system API
  • Implement a Real Time Locating System and understand the Global Navigation Satellite System